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Real Weddings: A Day To Cherish

A Day To Cherish

These lovebirds met at the local gym, somewhere neither returned to once they got together! Lewis smiled at Holly while walking past a machine, and she had a Facebook add later that evening – it was obviously the smile that did it!"


Real Weddings: Love is all around

Love is all around

hese lovebirds met on Bumble in 2018! Jen had given up all hope of meeting anyone online and was pushed by her sister to give it one more try, and that last chat was Darren! After meeting up, Jen introduced him to pink gin as well as kebab wraps with halloumi. After a quick check of Jen's Spotify playlist, Darren realised they had the same taste in music and the rest is history! Darren proposed on their anniversary during a trip to a log cabin. Jen says, "I was 12 weeks pregnant and unwell, but we agreed on small gifts. I got him some socks, and he got me an engagement ring!"


Real Weddings: Love All Around

Love All Around

Siobhan and Dale first met on a dating website before spending hours together at a pub for their first date. It's safe to say the pair hit it off as Siobhan jokingly messaged a friend saying, 'I just met my husband'. They shared similar interests and weirdly had the same address with a matching door number and road name in different areas. Dale proposed in Devon at South View Lodges in Exeter. Jill, the owner, helped him secure the perfect surprise proposal and then hid in the bushes to get it on camera – of course it was a 'yes' from Siobhan!


Real Weddings: Thyme of our lives

Thyme of our lives

Richard and Catherine met at university, where they were training to become actors. The pair reconnected a few years after graduation as they had lost contact, but this time saw each other in a new light. It took a while to build up the courage to admit their feelings as they didn't want to lose their friendship if the feelings weren't reciprocated. It was no surprise to their mutual friends when they finally took that next step; it was the start of something special.


Real Weddings: Love in bloom

Love in bloom

From the moment Lauren and Chris met, the couple's relationship has always been effortless with plenty of fun moments and laughter. After Chris bought a ring and asked Lauren's dad for permission, he popped the question at home in front of their daughters. It was a very relaxed proposal and was a complete surprise for Lauren.


Real Weddings: The perfect day

The perfect day

After meeting through a mutual friend, Alex and Jojo hit it off straight away with plenty of laughter. After spending more time together, the pair slowly fell in love. Alex proposed on a boulder perched between two rocks 1,000meters in the air at Kjeragbolten in Norway; Jojo realised what was happening once they got to the top and, of course, said 'yes'! The pair set the wedding for 25th June 2022 and created a beautiful day with family and friends.


Real Weddings: The dream day

The dream day

Natasha first met Eric at Wattisham Airfield in Suffolk after she decided to take up gliding and he was the instructor. They quickly became friends before becoming inseparable. After two years Natasha started to think that perhaps they could be more than friends, even though Eric told her they should be together sooner and are meant for one another – the rest is history! Eric proposed on Natasha's 28th birthday in London with Tower Bridge in the background. She says, "I certainly had my suspicions on the day when he put my 'present' in my handbag and told me I could have it later on in the day. We'd talked about getting married before, but I didn't know when the proposal would come." Here Natasha shares details about their special day...


Real Weddings: True love

True love

Alex Covey and Alex Frances first met in college when they were both 16. They were studying animal care at the time and already knew they had a shared interest.

The pair were both extremely anxious and shy, which meant they found it very difficult to talk to one another. Due to the severity of their shyness, they didn't truly talk to each other for a long time. They we were both overcoming a bad school life that stifled their social capabilities. It took until April 2018 for them to finally get the chance to properly become friends when they unknowingly chose the same work experience placement at an animal rescue centre.


Real Weddings: Love is all around

Love is all around

Jonathan first met Cathryn at work, but it wasn't until she left the department that they started to miss each other. They began meeting outside of work and spent a lot of time chatting in coffee shops, restaurants and going on walks. Jonathan always made Cathryn laugh as they shared a similar sense of humour. He says, "One day, I gave an impromptu proposal which Cathryn accepted. It was such a surprise that I had to ask again in the kitchen on one knee, although she's still waiting for the ring!"

The couple set the date for November 6th 2021, and created an intimate day surrounded by their nearest and dearest.


Real Weddings: Moments that matter

Moments that matter

Sam and Matt first met online and after a few dates, everything started to fall into place. Sam says, "We had dinner at Matt's before I drove us to the cinema to see the remake of the Star Wars franchise. A Madonna track came on in the car and Matt thought, 'wow this guy has taste'."

Matt proposed while the pair was on holiday in Las Vegas. Initially, he wanted to pop the question on the first night while having dinner, but he hadn't accounted for the jet lag, time difference and the seven glasses each of champagne. The next intimate opportunity was after a Cher concert. Sam comments, "I had got the event's start time wrong, so the evening mood wasn't great when we turned up and Cher was finishing the last few songs. While watching the performance, Matt had disappeared behind me and reappeared on one knee. He had to ask if I was okay as I cried a lot and if it was a yes or no – of course, I said yes!"


Real Weddings: All you need is love for David and Marie-Anthea

All you need is love for David and Marie-Anthea

David and Marie-Anthea first met online and decided to meet in person on London Bridge – the perfect location for a north and south Londoner to come together. Marie-Anthea says, "Dave almost cancelled because the Northern Line was down, but thankfully he persevered." She adds, "We realised we shared a lot in common, including a love for the gym, ballet, good steak, red wine and good-quality peanut butter." Early in their relationship, the couple had realised that they'd found the one. Marie-Anthea comments, "Dave offered to come to my office at lunchtime on a Monday to bring me a brownie because I was hungover, and that's when I realised he was a keeper."


Real Weddings: Once upon a time for Amy and Benjamin

Once upon a time for Amy and Benjamin

Amy and Benjamin first met on a blind double date with friends at a cocktail bar in St Albans. Amy was instantly attracted to Benjamin's smile and eyes while he loved her appearance. The pair shared so much in common, and it was like they'd known each other for years – their conversation flowed so effortlessly.

Benjamin proposed on Amy's 29th birthday while away in Barbados. She says, "We had arranged dinner on the beach on our first day, and that's when Ben walked over to me and asked if he could kiss me.


Real Weddings: Rustic romance for Kylie and Billy

Rustic romance for Kylie and Billy

Kylie first met Billy during a night out in London, where they were introduced through mutual friends. She was attracted to his eyes, charm and humour, while he thought that Kylie was the most beautiful girl in the club. She says, "People talk about that special spark, but I honestly remember a moment during the night when sparks flew – we both had met our match."

Billy proposed on Christmas day after the pair and their son had finished opening presents. She says, "Billy and Leo disappeared upstairs together, which I didn't think much of at the time.


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