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Moments that matter

Sam and Matt first met online and after a few dates, everything started to fall into place. Sam says, "We had dinner at Matt's before I drove us to the cinema to see the remake of the Star Wars franchise. A Madonna track came on in the car and Matt thought, 'wow this guy has taste'."

Matt proposed while the pair was on holiday in Las Vegas. Initially, he wanted to pop the question on the first night while having dinner, but he hadn't accounted for the jet lag, time difference and the seven glasses each of champagne. The next intimate opportunity was after a Cher concert. Sam comments, "I had got the event's start time wrong, so the evening mood wasn't great when we turned up and Cher was finishing the last few songs. While watching the performance, Matt had disappeared behind me and reappeared on one knee. He had to ask if I was okay as I cried a lot and if it was a yes or no – of course, I said yes!"

All you need is love for David and Marie-Anthea

David and Marie-Anthea first met online and decided to meet in person on London Bridge – the perfect location for a north and south Londoner to come together. Marie-Anthea says, "Dave almost cancelled because the Northern Line was down, but thankfully he persevered." She adds, "We realised we shared a lot in common, including a love for the gym, ballet, good steak, red wine and good-quality peanut butter." Early in their relationship, the couple had realised that they'd found the one. Marie-Anthea comments, "Dave offered to come to my office at lunchtime on a Monday to bring me a brownie because I was hungover, and that's when I realised he was a keeper."

Once upon a time for Amy and Benjamin

Amy and Benjamin first met on a blind double date with friends at a cocktail bar in St Albans. Amy was instantly attracted to Benjamin's smile and eyes while he loved her appearance. The pair shared so much in common, and it was like they'd known each other for years – their conversation flowed so effortlessly.

Benjamin proposed on Amy's 29th birthday while away in Barbados. She says, "We had arranged dinner on the beach on our first day, and that's when Ben walked over to me and asked if he could kiss me.

Rustic romance

Kylie first met Billy during a night out in London, where they were introduced through mutual friends. She was attracted to his eyes, charm and humour, while he thought that Kylie was the most beautiful girl in the club. She says, "People talk about that special spark, but I honestly remember a moment during the night when sparks flew – we both had met our match."

Billy proposed on Christmas day after the pair and their son had finished opening presents. She says, "Billy and Leo disappeared upstairs together, which I didn't think much of at the time.

Love is all around for Stuart and Cheryl

Stuart and Cheryl found each other through mutual friends and got on really well from their first meeting. The pair shared the same sense-of-humour and everything seemed so natural together. Cheryl says, "Not long after we started going out, I knew I had found my soulmate. Stuart makes me feel special; he's so supportive and is always there for anyone who needs his support." During the lockdown, the couple were sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine and a glass of champagne when the idea of marriage came up.

Love is all around for Duda and Christopher

Duda was only a teenager when she met Christopher at a friend's youth group gathering at their local church. She says, "My family came to England as missionaries to help out our church's youth and Chris was there for the free food. He was always super down-to-earth, kind and loving with his friends and always open for trying new things." Christopher loved how hilarious, but incredibly kind and super-family orientated Duda was.

Time for love for Lauren and Sid

Lauren went for a new job interview back in 2012 where Sid saw her in the workplace and jokingly said to a colleague that she would be the future Mrs Walters; little did he know this would be the case eight years later! After three months of working together, Sid plucked up the courage to ask her out during a Christmas party. Lauren says, "His pick-up line was something about New Year's resolutions and his one being to take someone called Lauren out to dinner. It was cheesy but I couldn't resist."

Time for love for David and Melissa

David and Melissa first met during their teen years at an under 18s nightclub and began speaking over MSN. Over time they became best friends and the following year a couple – the rest is history! When it came to the proposal, David had a huge surprise waiting for Melissa. She says, "I had arranged a surprise night away for his birthday glamping in a cabin in the countryside. David had found out by mistake and without me knowing, drove two hours the day before to decorate the cabin ready to propose as soon as we arrived the next day – of course I said yes!" Here Melissa shares details about their special day...

Anything goes

The fact that this cute couple had the song Never Been Loved Like This Before as one of their First Dance songs highlight this true, classic romance of finding your soul mate. "Paul is, hands down, the kindest and most hard working man I have ever met (apart from my daddy!)," shares Holly. "We have the same sense of humour. We were friends before we became a couple because I never dreamed he saw me as anything more.

Timeless elegance with Melanie and Steven

Melanie and Steven's adventure first started back in year 11, when they realised they shared many interests and were instantly attracted to each other. Melanie says, "Our fathers are from the tiny island of Mauritius, and both of our mothers were born and raised in England. Funnily enough, both sets of parents met during nurse training many years ago." She adds, "We understood each other's cultures more than anyone else could – this created a lasting bond."

True love

When Claire and Stuart first met online, they shared a strong connection and clicked straight away. On their second date at Shepreth Wildlife Park, their personalities came out and they knew they had an exciting future ahead. Over time it became clear that they didn't want to be away from each other and spent as much time as possible together. On Christmas Eve back in 2018, Stuart proposed Claire says: "It was a surprise Christmas present, I was just expecting to enjoy a gin and tonic that evening! We were lucky enough that my niece could be the flowergirl on the day

Natalie and Devon: Timeless elegance

After a romantic South American proposal, Natalie and Devon enjoyed their big day at Putteridge Bury. Natalie and Devon first met at university during a social night. Devon says: "When I noticed her sat at a party table with an empty chair next to her, I went straight to it and began a conversation with her – she was the most beautiful girl in the room."