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Hi, I’m John, a wedding photographer who works in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

I don't do stuffy wedding photography
I don't do traditional,
I don't do the "smile for the camera" stuff

I do fun wedding photography,
I do moments, I do instants,
I capture you and your guests being you.

If vibrant, fun, relaxed, creative and natural wedding photography grabs you and makes you think “ooh yeah, I like that”, then let’s have a natter!


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Vibrant, fun and cheeky wedding photography by a tea drinking, music obsessed geek!

Hi, I’m John, a wedding photographer who works in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.
So, your wedding is going to have lots of grinning, tears, dancing, drinking, silliness, smiley faces and the occasional falling over…probably. The chilled, informal way I work and constant smile on my face lets you and your guests be yourselves. Then I can capture the nerves in the morning, the tears of the ceremony, the downed shots and funky moves! I’ll be that extra guest, just capturing it all and making you, your guests, your day, your party look awesome! Guaranteed you will always get the best from me. I give my ALL and in return, I give you amazing images….and the occasional silly face….

For the free thinkers, gin drinkers and cheeky winkers! ;-)

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