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Dreamy backdrops

Dreamy backdrops

Q. We're just starting our big-day journey, and neither of us know what we should look for when booking a venue. What should we keep in mind when looking at different properties?

A. Kerry Mavris says: Choosing your wedding venue should be near the top of your priority list as once it's booked, everything else will be easier to plan.

It would be best to consider whether you're looking to hold your whole day in one place or intend to have your ceremony and reception at separate venues. Think about how many people you intend to invite and what sort of theme you have in mind for the day.

Next, decide if you want a location near your hometown, where you live now or where most of your guests will be travelling from. Also, think about how flexible you need the venue to be in terms of catering and entertainment.

Lastly, get an idea of the budget you'll be working with so that you don't book a venue out of your price range.

With these considerations, it's then a lot easier to list the most suitable venues that fit your requirements. Contact each property to obtain their brochures and arrange a viewing appointment. Don't be afraid to ask questions about anything that isn't clear or if you have an unusual request as no two weddings are the same.

Kerry Mavris, Ware Priory


Create the perfect day

Create the perfect day

Q. We're just starting our big-day journey, and neither of us know what we should look for when booking a venue. What should we keep in mind when looking at different properties?

A. Sarah Turnham says: Planning a wedding can seem quite daunting when you first start, so don't feel like you're the only ones feeling unsure.

When it comes to finding a venue, consider the more practical elements. Knowing your guest list and the style of venue you're after will help narrow down your options. For example, you might want a classic, modern, quirky or relaxed-styled property.

Once you have shortlisted a few venues, consider the different packages on offer and check if they include everything you want or if you would be paying for more than you need. Don't be afraid to ask the teams many questions as they're there to help make the day perfect.

Fixed packages can get tricky, and that's why we offer fully bespoke options at Woburn Safari Park to allow you to personalise the day to suit any individual needs.

Sarah Turnham, Woburn Safari Park


The great outdoors

The great outdoors

Q. My fiancé and I have just started looking for our dream wedding venue, and we'd like to get married outside. What should we keep in mind before booking a property?

A. Claire Hill says: Take in the full surroundings of the area for your day and imagine how you'd like your wedding photos to be. A wedding is so much more than just a marquee or tipi, and you'll want people to remember the day for years to come.

Think about how the venue will fit your theme and how you can put your own stamp on the spaces – you don't need to spend a fortune to achieve a dream day. Take into consideration things that have stood out at other weddings or features that have put you off specific venues. Here are a few things to keep in mind...

- Will there be ample car parking that's free of charge?

- Do you have to use certain suppliers?

- Does the venue have a blank canvas to achieve everything you have in mind?

Claire Hill, Hill Brothers Events


The perfect day

The perfect day

Q. What should we take into consideration before booking a venue for our wedding?

A. Kate Deeks says: Here are five essential things to take into consideration before you book a wedding venue...

- Understand the logistics and budget by having a rough idea of how many guests you would like to invite. Many venues will be crossed off your list at this stage before you go and look at them.

- An important factor to consider when choosing your venue is availability.

- Take into account the setting and decide what style you're looking for such as elegant, vintage or modern to help find venues that match your theme.

- Make a list of questions to ask at show- rounds to help narrow down which venues are right for you. You can then confidently make a shortlist of two to three places and hold provisional bookings whilst you check the registrar has your preferred date and time available.

- Get to know the team behind the venue; the more confidence you have in the team, the smoother the planning process will be.

Kate Deeks, Dyrham Park Country Club


Say 'I do'

Say 'I do'

Q. We're looking for a wedding venue, what advice can you share with us? 

A. Taylor Morphew says: The most important consideration when choosing where to get married is to find a venue that reflects your personality as a couple. A few good questions to ask yourself would be; where would you feel most comfortable being the centre of attention, and what kind of event you'd like to share with friends and family? Maybe one of the important aspects is good food and wine, live music, a perfect backdrop for your pictures or all these things. You may be drawn to a formal, glamorous affair or something more intimate. Visit a few different spaces and meet the wedding coordinators. It's also important to sample menus and wine to make sure you like what's on offer. 

You'll soon get a feel for what feels right for you both. Whatever your budget there's something special out there that has your name on it. This could be exclusive hire of a cosy pub with amazing food, a barn in the countryside or a manor house oozing with elegance.

A good venue will want to make your wedding day perfect, so make sure you form a good rapport with the staff so that together, you can create a day to remember. Good luck and above all, have fun in the process!

Taylor Morphew, The White Horse, Hertingfordbury