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Get the party started

Get the party started

Q. What should we take into consideration when booking a DJ for our wedding?

A. Gary Huggan says: We'd recommend that couples select a wedding DJ that can demonstrate that they'll take your day seriously. There are many parttime DJ's and start-ups out there that may not have the experience or investment in professional equipment to pull off your event. Take time to review their social media or website and arrange a meeting with them so you can feel reassured.

Equinox-Storm offers a free studio visit where you'll meet your DJ, view a picture portfolio, discuss options and experience a live sound and light demonstration so that you leave feeling confident that your wedding reception is in capable hands.

It's important to receive a contract detailing what you've booked, make sure that your supplier has Public Liability Insurance and their equipment is PAT tested – these will be requirements of your wedding venue.

Never just book the cheapest option, like any other industry, the cost of a DJ varies and so does the service, delivery and ability to perform. If you were having a small gathering for a regular party you may go for a cheap to a medium option, but for your wedding day, you should consider a premium service.

As a DJ company, we've seen a growing trend in couples wanting to decorate their venues to improve the look and atmosphere for their big day. Our wall drapes and twinkle backdrops help to achieve this and are extremely cost-effective and when coupled with our mood lighting system; Venue Alive can transform a venue and wedding reception.

By combining the DJ and décor services you can save money.

Gary Huggan,Equinox - Storm


Suited perfectly

Suited perfectly

Q. I want to find the perfect suit for my big day and was wondering if you have tips or advice when it comes to finding the right look?

A. Sharon Cousans says: It's never too early to start looking for the perfect suit for your wedding day. Follow these simple guidelines for a stress-free and fun experience!

- Decide on what colours suit you before choosing bridesmaids' dresses, as this colour is often worn close to your face as a tie or cravat – it's important it doesn't drain away your natural colour.
- Be prepared to try a range of styles, even those outside of your comfort zone as you may be surprised how good it looks on you.
- There will be many men at your wedding wearing suits, so choose an outfit that makes you stand out with a contrasting, textured or a check or patterned waistcoat. A floral tie will help you look the most distinguished man in the room.
- A waistcoat is the most important part of your outfit; once the jacket's removed, it will keep you looking smart and distinguished.
- Ensure the suit fits you perfectly, especially the trouser length, and make sure you take shoes to your fitting. Book a final one close to the wedding day.
- Have fun, experiment and find the best suit that makes you feel special and confident as you walk out on your wedding day.

Sharon Cousans,Chimmey Formal Menswear


All fun and games

All fun and games

Q. We're having an outdoor wedding and I was wondering if you have any suggestions when it comes to keeping our guests entertained throughout the special day?

A. Annabel Hopkinson says: There are many times during the day where guests can be entertained, such as when you're having photos taken, during the drinks reception or in the evening. A great way of bringing all your loved ones together is by including some garden games, which is a perfect ice breaker and your guests can enjoy their drink whilst engaging in a little healthy competition. Think coconut shy to knock the coconuts from the posts or hook a duck for the little ones, trying to hook those floating ducks and a queue of competitive friends wanting a go on the strongman to ring the bell. Some fabulous photos are always caught in action! Your photographer will have a blast capturing your guests giggling and playing – games are a great way of making it a wedding to remember! You can create your own village fete with some old-fashioned fairground type activities, finished off by surrounding them with bunting. Why not add in some fun fair type canapés for your drink's reception? Think candy floss, popcorn, mini-hot dogs and even a lemonade stand – who doesn't love some nostalgia? Want to add the cherry on the cake? Include a face painter and a bouncy castle too – it adds to the atmosphere.

Annabel Hopkinson,Dolly Dimples Weddings & Events


Setting the scene

Setting the scene

Q. I can't wait for our first dance and really want to make it feel special. What can we do to create the perfect atmosphere?

A. Gary Huggan says: To make a feature of your first dance you don't have to perform a routine. Many couples opt for our feature package, this includes real dry ice to allow you to dance on a cloud effect that hugs the dancefloor and creates a magical white mist that doesn't rise above knee height. Also in the package is mood lighting to create the perfect ambience and a spotlight that follows the bride and groom. Then for the finale our colour-themed confetti blast silently discharged through professional cannons at the climax of your dance. All of this coupled with an impressive DJ and you won't be disappointed.

Gary Huggan


Let me entertain you

Let me entertain you

Q. I'm worried that while we're having our photos there'll be a lull for our guests. What can we do to make sure they're entertained, allowing me to relax and enjoy the day?

A. Steve Rowe says: While your family and friends enjoy their drinks and canapés, it's essential to keep the energy level up. Why not hire a magician? My magic's fun and the focus is on getting everyone together and enjoying the experience. I love performing to all ages and seeing the smiles, laughter and amazement I create.

When your guests feel part of the day and know that you've thought about them too it can make such a difference and the energy then runs through to the wedding breakfast helping to make the speeches a success.

I can offer various packages to suit your day and will work around your timings to enhance the day for everyone.

Steve Rowe

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