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Now that's entertainment

Now that's entertainment

Q. We're looking for entertainment that will appeal to guests of all ages. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Chris Kent says: A DJ is the perfect entertainment option for your big day. Playing the right music at the right time in a wedding environment is a skill that takes years of experience to perfect, as there's time for eating, catching up with loved ones and dancing. Encouraging your guests to suggest songs in advance is lovely, but be prepared not to like their choices. Requests on the night require quick thinking from the DJ. Will the songs fit with the current vibe of the room or clear the dancefloor? A DJ has the whole room in mind as it's their job to keep the atmosphere popping. They must be quick-witted, have a good knowledge of the couple's musical tastes and only play requests that fit the specific criteria. Saying no to recommendations based on this knowledge can be tricky, especially when some guests might have had one too many drinks. A friendly and diplomatic personality is necessary for a wedding DJ in these circumstances!

Around 20 songs or genres chosen by the nearlyweds in advance is the perfect number to allow the entertainer to work their magic. Mark each song or genre on your list with 'must play', 'could play', and perhaps 'do not play'. You'll then be able to relax knowing your DJ has your back and wants your night to succeed as much as you do.

Chris Kent, CK DJ


Now that's entertainment

Now that's entertainment

Q. We're thinking of booking an entertainment company, what advice can you share with us?

A. Sam Lewis says: Firstly, speak directly to the artist, band or DJ and not via a third-party agent. Agencies serve a purpose, but you need to get a feel for the person you're booking.

Check that the performer in the video is the one you'll get on the night, which is really important and often is just assumed to be the case. But trust me, it's not.

Save yourself the hassle and book our all-day wedding music solution. I'll play at your ceremony, drinks reception and then with my band in the evening. I'll also DJ in between the live band sets and do toastmaster duties throughout the day!

Sam Lewis, The Sam Lewis Wedding & Party Band


That's entertainment

That's entertainment

Q. What questions are important to ask entertainment companies before we book them for our wedding?

A. Tim Reynolds says: When it comes to finding an entertainer for your wedding, here are a few questions you should ask…

- Are they able to learn and play your first dance?

- Can they play a Spotify playlist for you in between sets?

- Do they interact with the audience and if so, how?

- Can you use their microphones for speeches?

- If your venue has a sound limiter, can the entertainment company work with it?

If you love what your entertainment provider does, trust them to build a set for you because they're the experts and for many, it won't be their first wedding. It's always better to let the band choose the setlist based on your genre preferences. If not, it's like telling a chef what ingredients to use.

Tim Reynolds, Next Level Music