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The finishing touch

The finishing touch

Q. I'm trying to pick jewellery for our wedding day. What advice and tips would you give me when trying to find the perfect pieces?

A. Sarah Heulwen Lewis says: When selecting your dream wedding jewellery, classic diamonds and gemstones work extremely well for that added glitz and glamour! Make sure each piece reflects your style and complements your outfit without overpowering it. It's also worth considering your pieces as forever items, ones that are not only worn on the day but cherished for years to come – just like selecting engagement rings and wedding bands. Ask yourself, what would I wear more than once and can be my forever piece so that can it be passed on as a something borrowed in years to come? There might even be pieces of jewellery that have been inherited and can be worn or upcycled. Upcycling is the perfect way to have a much-loved family member walk down the aisle with you, even if they can't be there. An amazing gift is to be able to design something really special using their diamonds, gemstones and metal. Bring a piece that has been boxed away back to life.

Sarah Heulwen Lewis,Heulwen Lewis Bespoke


The bling ring

The bling ring

Q. I want to buy my wife-to-be a ring that's really personal and shows just how much I love her. Do you have any tips or advice when it comes to choosing the right one when there's so many on the market?

A. Glenn Chapman says: We always say the best way to guarantee your wife-to-be gets a ring she will treasure for a lifetime is to get her involved with the design from the very start by creating the engagement ring together.

We know there's many options out there with various metals, shapes, stone colours and sizes, which is why many men can find it overwhelming when it comes to picking out the perfect one. We often find that the woman knows exactly the type she wants, so why not design it together and create exactly that?

When visiting The Goldsmithy for any commission, whether that's an engagement or wedding bands, our skilled goldsmiths will sit down with you to talk through all of the options.

The team will offer advice on the best choices to suit your lifestyle and budget as many people don't realise how many options and combinations are available to them! You'll also be able to have a go at our workbench guided by Cartier trained, Glenn Chapman and his son Paul Chapman.

This allows for an extra special and personal experience as you'll be putting your own mark on the ring for a loved one to cherish forever.

Glenn Chapman