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Feeling your best

Feeling your best

Q. I'm quite self-conscious but want to look my best for my wedding. Do you have any ideas to help boost my confidence?

A. Michelle Smith says: Pilates is a great way to flatten the tummy area, support your back and help you move more gracefully. It will change your posture immediately and has been proven to increase a more positive mood, alertness and confidence.

When taking photographs on your wedding day, make shapes with your body rather than flat lines. Think one hand on your hip and one leg in front of the other while leaning on the back leg, which will elongate your silhouette. Turn your body in at a slight angle instead of front on and inhale as you smile to stretch the neck muscles for a more flattering look. Your day is about your love for one another and the most important thing is to be yourself. That's more beautiful than anything else and will radiate through, so hit that dancefloor and you'll be sure to forget any worries!

Michelle Smith, The Pilates Pod


Moments that matter

Moments that matter

Q. Our wedding day is coming up but I'm nervous about making a speech, what advice can you share with me?

A. Laura Cruise says: Public speaking fills many people with dread; having to stand up in front of people, use a microphone or remembering what to say can be nerve-racking. I'm a confidence and self-belief coach and here are my top tips to help you feel more confident…

- The reason you're making the speech is because of the relationship you have with the newlyweds; use that thought to spur you on.

- A wedding crowd is a warm audience who want to hear what you're going to say about the happy couple and are not judging you.

- Be wary as a couple of drinks might help take the edge off your nerves, but too many and you won't be able to deliver the speech properly.

- Make some notes before the day or write the whole speech out if that helps. Even if you don't use the notes, knowing they are there will reassure you.

- Eye contact works; pick somebody in the audience who gives you visual reassurance and focus on them.

- Even if it feels like an eternity, time goes quickly and most speeches are five minutes long – you can do it!.

Laura Cruise, Laura Cruise Coaching