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The dream team

The dream team

Q. When should I start thinking about booking my hair stylist, and do you have any tips for finding the perfect supplier?

A. Kim Sandford says: Book a company and secure your date as soon as possible because many hair stylists only book one bridal party a day. If you find the perfect supplier, you wouldn't want to risk them not being available for your big day.

Look at reviews to find the right person for you as I find websites are like a shop window, there to show off the best of a supplier's work. By looking at someone's social media pages, you can find a better feel of their day-to-day work and behind the scenes. Most hair stylists have a natural style such as romantic, boho or classic looks. Go for the style that best fits your wedding.

Kim Sandford, Kim Sandford Hairdressing


Love is in the air

Love is in the air

Q. I want to do something creative with my long and straight hair, but I'm not sure what style to go for. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Sade Morland says: When choosing a hairstyle for your special day, it's important to try a few different styles at your hair trial. If you have long and straight hair that doesn't hold a curl very well, a good option would be a relaxed boho plait to help create texture and movement in your hair. You can have a few pieces out to frame the face or have it all entirely back; always explore your options and try to find out what style you're most comfortable with.

If a relaxed boho look isn't for you, another good option would be an elegant and sleek bun, which can be tight and neat or exaggerated – what an excellent way to show off the dress's neckline!

Sade Morland, Sade Morland Studios


Big-day beautiful

Big-day beautiful

Q. I want to do something creative with my long, straight hair, but I'm not sure what style to go for. Do you have any suggestions?

A. Kim Sandford says: Long straight hair can be a great blank canvas as there are many ways to produce a creative look with texture and volume. Adding some details with plaits and braids are great options, and with so many different looks available, the choices are endless. Here are a few different ideas…

- Use your long locks to create a braided headband. This simple and subtle look is delicate but gives an extra special touch to your hair.

- Why not opt for a half-up and half-down look to still show off the length of your hair? Twist or plait the side sections back and secure each piece.

- A loose and soft French or Dutch braid that falls all the way down to one side can add control and texture to the hair. Add some delicate flowers for an extra romantic feel. If the boho vibe is more to your liking, a fishtail plait will work well instead.

- If an updo is preferred, create a twisted and textured look. This photo demonstrates a twist that provides softness with volume, perfect for an outdoor ceremony to avoid flyaways.

Kim Sandford, Kim Sandford Hairdressing


Love is in the air

Love is in the air

Q. I struggle with thin hair and want to add volume on my wedding day. How can I achieve this? 

A. Emma Horsley says: Here are some tips for creating volume for your special day…

- Blow-dry products into your hair to start, my recommendations would be Bumble and Bumble Go Big Thickening Treatment and the L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Volume Lift Mousse is also a favourite of mine. 

- Blow dry your hair upside down before styling, this will create lift from the roots. - Invest in a good comb for backcombing, tease the hair underneath the top layer to create fullness.

- Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner three to six months prior to the big day.

- Diet also plays a part, so start increasing your intake of iron and vitamin-rich foods such as spinach, broccoli, eggs and good old vitamin C!

Emma Horsley, Emma Kim Hairdressing


Bridal beauty

Bridal beauty

Q. What's the best way to cover my spots without my make-up looking cakey?

A. Chloé-Eleanor Russel says: It's all about prep when it comes to concealing blemishes. Even though we want to conceal and hide spots it's important to not draw attention to the area, which can happen if the skin around the blemishes is dehydrated or flaky.

Firstly, make sure your skin has been exfoliated with a gentle exfoliator. I highly recommend Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant all over the skin. It's super soft on the skin whilst also providing anti-inflammatory benefits to help reduce the size of breakouts.

Secondly, moisture the area with a light gel-based cream. My personal favourite is Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator.. This will leave the skin smooth and hydrated, but without leaving a greasy residue on the surface.

Then using a technique of layering, I build up layers of medium to full coverage with foundation, I recommend Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Flawless Foundation, dabbing gently over the blemishes with a buffing brush. This will then create a smooth finish, whilst also neutralising any pink or red angry tones of the skin.

Once you have built up your desired coverage, set your make-up to stop it from moving or being sticky with a smooth finishing powder and then spray with a spritz of setting spray.

Chloé-Eleanor Russel, Chloe-Eleanor MUA

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